Unindicted Co-conspirator


This post started as a comment on the Earthbound Misfit blog. ‘B’ is a frequent conservative commenter and one reader wanted ‘B’ blocked, which comrade misfit refused to do. I agreed.

B doesn’t need blockage he needs to listen to himself. B, Mrs. Clinton lost, DEMs and their comsymp lackeys like me had to accept it and move on to blocking trump’s sad policies.

Now trump voting blocs like these will have to move on as well:

Rural voters (powerful because of the constitutional placation of rural slave states and gerrymandering);

Rust belt state unemployed;

The 1% filthy rich;

Pepe the Frog nazis;

Authoritarian personality voters;

Religious voters, (demonstrating unequalled hypocrisy by choosing a vile misfit like trump over cold, wonky, unlovable, ambitious, but basically a decent person like Mrs Clinton);

The ‘poorly educated’ or otherwise who have problems with critical thinking who believed anything that ever fell from Donald John trump’s mouth;

Those voters residing under rocks who emerged 11/3 to vote knowing nothing about trump’s character, intelligence, honesty, compassion, fairness, patriotism…what did I leave out?

[Oh, yeah, cruelty to the disabled, peeping Tom and confessed sexual predator, spouse beater and rapist (see divorce papers), kinky sexual ‘golden shower fetishist’, grifter stealing from children’s charities, abuses his office to gouge for his rental properties and golf courses…OK I give up again, I know I’ve forgotten many a high crime and misdemeanor.]

All of you must now adjust to the probable departure of someone who is not what you wanted and not who you voted for.

He’s a slimy fucking traitor-like nearly 100% of the 1%, selling out his country for money and Russian ‘protection’ and Russian subversion expertise. Loyal to his money and his plutocrat social class not to the USA.

But B, when he’s ousted the next president WON’T be Hillary Clinton, it’ll be a Republican (maybe not Pence, he stinks like treason too), but somebody, B, I will hate and have to oppose, but who you will love.

So just retire this meme and get ‘but Hillary’s emails…’ off your pasting clipboard, that dog never could hunt.

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