Scolding Craigslist Spammers Shown To Be Futile

Craigslist becomes ever more jammed, spammed, Russianized and damaged weekly. So I politely asked some spammers to just post their ad once instead of eight times:

2 April 2018
Dear Sir or Madam,
It appears you did not read, or are not complying with, the Craigslist legal Terms of Service which strictly forbid such spamming as multiple identical postings.

And since your ad is riddled with punctuation errors and bad English, I suspect your translations would be just as criminally bad.

Post your advertisement only once, it’s illegal and stupid to spam CL with giant blocks of your fucking bad English ad, preventing others from using the site.

[I forgot to mention they posted in ‘Community’ rather than ‘Services’, another fuck-up.]

Do that and you can use my version below of your ungrammatical ad in correct English, OK? Ready?

Perfect Spanish/English Text Translation in Los Angeles Area

Spanish translation for all your needs. English/ Spanish and Spanish/English, proficient with both. Email, call or text for exact, economical translation services in LA and worldwide.

You look too desperate with all that spamming so just post once, OK. Use my version of your CL ad and you will fool customers into thinking you are a good translator.

I bet you get more and better customers soon because I fixed your ad to actually BE perfect. Because I have a college degree in English, my native language.

So just copy and paste my version into Craigslist without changing a word so you don’t fuck it up like you did your original ad.

Notice what I did and learn. English proper nouns, such as the words ‘Spanish’ and ‘English’ are always capitalized. The first letter of the first word of the sentence is always capitalized in the English language. Declarative sentences always end with a period.

No need to pay me or thank me, just act right from now on. Nobody likes spam-or incompetent translators.

No response, no thanks or emoticons. Next time I’m browsing CL and I do a spam count-17 duplicate copies. And still in their bad English:
I think we can conclude that scolding spammers while correcting their English is not appreciated, not effective and increases spamming by > 100%.

With SESTA/FOSTA now the law Craigslist Personnels is gone-and I suppose as collateral damage, ALL massage ads are disappeared as well. Look for few web comments online due to this bad law’s stifling effect. With spammers, SESTA/FOSTA and Russian agitprop flooding it, enjoy what’s left of your Web while it’s still there.

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