• chr_fence

    I Finish Fixing a Folding Chair

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  • shrn_clse

    A Shrine In the Woods: Haiku

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  • jrs_featch

    New Batch of Bone Broth

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  • hillary2016

    Explaining Trump to Our Foreign Readers

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  • chr_sign

    Refurbishing A “Folding” Chair

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  • tom_top

    The Front Yard Tomato Crop This Season

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  • can_ome1

    Avocado, Cheese and Cannabis Omelette: With Spuds

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  • athltcs_cls2

    Oakland Athletics Sell Off Best Athletes As Usual

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  • athl_lrg-cls

    Reddick We Hardly Knew You

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  • hi_lzrd

    My Tatibella, Seven Syllables Go Here- Hawaii Haiku

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