Call me Tod. I’m a retired State of California computer monkey (SQL, Access) and a bicycle builder-the older posts were from my defunct bike blog called 1gearbikediy.com.

I’m also interested in writing, photography, video, aviation, politics, geology, earth science, history, boating and boat building, sailing, paddling, rowing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

I write all the text here unless attributed to others. Likewise I shoot all the images unless I give the source URL and attribution.

Text and images are copywrited and non-commercial use is free with attribution to todgermanica.com. Contact me for commercial use.

Thanks for reading and thanks for those ‘following’ me. You’re a hardy lot to read my unfocused ramblings about ‘nothing’ for long.

If you like my cooking, computing, or bike building you might hate my politics, haiku, or sense of humor- or vice is virtue.

Like all writers I write for me and like all writers I write because I gotta write. Still, it’s nice that somebody reads my screeds in the country and in the world.

Or else you like my photos, likely, because pictures are quick and pleasing while prose can be tortured.

So welcome to my blog and please read on.

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