Call me Tod. I’m a retired State of California computer monkey (SQL, Access DBMS, Excel) and a bicycle builder-the older posts were from my defunct bike blog called 1gearbikediy.com.

I’m also interested in writing, photography, video, aviation, politics, geology, earth science, history, boating and boat building, sailing, paddling, rowing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

I write all the text here unless attributed to others. Likewise I shoot all the images unless I give the source URL and attribution.

You’ll see advertisements here, some even for Donald Trump. I pay WordPress $24USD per year but they get to monetize my website with ads. This ends next year when they raise my contract price to $100USD. My hobby just got more expensive, not to mention the anti-WHOIS charge of $8 to hide my home address-another racket.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I don’t do FacePalm so ‘liking’ a post does nothing for me; give me a comment yea or neigh. I am liking that better.

Guys like me love protective gear so here I am in Tyvek hazmat suit, inhalation filter, safety glasses, tractor hat over ‘doo-rag’ and Nitrile gloves. Better safe than sorry and dress-ups fun too, looking like Walter White.

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