Schwinn Le Tour II Mixte Singlespeed

Schwinn Le Tour II

DSC03056Frame and most components are 1977 Schwinn Le Tour II mixte from Japan. Bontrager Sport seat,  27×1 1/4 wheel in front with Kenda tire; rear is Weinmann with 16-tooth Shimano freewheel and worn Bontrager 700cx35 tire.

Replaced rear brake with a side-pull with longer reach for the 700c wheel. Esge/Pletscher kickstand.

Weight 27.5 lbs. with my not-very-accurate bathroom scale. Built as fixie with 16-tooth cog/ 39 chain-ring. Converted it to singlespeed with same tooth count.

First Schwinn build and I’m impressed with this high quality lug-framed Japanese bike. I’m remembering the fun of coasting and standing too. Cheap build using mainly original components.
Bike $40
Rear wheel $20
Tire and tube $25
Front wheel $20
Cables $10
$115USD (¥114121JPY)

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