Ubuntu Linux 14.04 – Still Not Ready for Prime Time

fs*k_ubuntu-1I love Linux, compared to Microsoft Windows it’s a dream to use, even compared to the pretty good Windows 7. No anti-virus, firewall or malware fighter needed. But not too easy to install. Still geeks-only there I’m sad to report, at least for newest and supposedly most user-friendly Linux distro, Ubuntu.

I’d been trying the last Ubuntu Linux, version 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), and after much tweaking I still had very slow boot times of up to two minutes. So I said yes to the upgrade offer, hoping that would improve. The  Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu Linux, version 14.04 (Trusty Tahr-don’t ask me) installed smoothly but not completely in about 2.5 hrs.

Canonical, the firm that derives Ubuntu from Debian software and distributes it, continues to shoot itself (Brits: themselves) in the foot, aping Microsoft’s worst user interface blunders.

One good thing, the vertical stack of mobile phone tiles they’re calling the ‘Launcher’ that normally protrudes into the desktop on the left at all times is now easier to get rid of – you don’t see it here for example.


What’s not OK is the mysterious disappearance (along with the servants) of the icons at top: clock, wifi, sound, battery gauge, weather – and no shutdown icon. I don’t need tiles or ‘launchers’ as I am not on a phone and I already have icons and menus. I DO need full screen AND tiled multi-screen and panes any size I CHOOSE!

And I need tabs at the bottom showing which applications are running and which are not. I need those icons back and so far web research has not shown me the way.

Don’t be an ‘early adoptor’, always wait a few weeks or months so that other, more energetic users will ferret out the missing pieces and bugs, like that printer driver you’ll need, or this display glitch Canonical didn’t have time to fix before release. The early bird does NOT get the worm.

lmBut it’s all good, as the kids say [in 1994]. I’ll take a couple of hours after the big Easter meal and install Linux Minx, a fine distro downstream from Ubuntu, which is downstream from mother Debian.

Mint is cool green and doesn’t try to be a cell phone.  Gotta get my icons back. Goodbye again, Ubuntu Linux. Call me when you get it right.

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