My New Ride: 2002 Hyundai Accent 3-Door Hatchback

hyn_acct_rside2002 Hyundai Accent, one-owner with only 95K miles. I prefer automatic transmissions because they seem to last longer than manual ones, but this tiny Korean car has a 5-speed stick so I’m trying to remember to push in the clutch and shift the gears.

This car is minimalist with only air-conditioning as a luxury. The small back seats don’t fit me but the front seats do and the rear seats fold down. Peppy for a 92-hp, 1.5-liter inline-4 SOHC. The 5-speed helps there, and toward the estimated 27–28 city/36–37 highway gas mileage.

I paid $2500USD cash. The original owner installed wider alloy wheels and tires, and a killer Kenwood sound system with Alpine speakers, AM, 3 FM bands, CD, iThing jack, USB jack, Bluetooth capable. I left the plastic Jesus on the dash, worked so far.

Worst faults so far are a fogged rear window and a bad steering wheel cover. I got buyer’s remorse over the money but cleaning and waxing it made it my own and now I feel better. The mini-van has been relegated to the alley until we decide what to do with it. So in theory I have a reliable car to drive up to wildest Oregon and go flying.

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