Find Bike Parts in Roseville

partsThis piece is a cleanup from my bike building blog, I’m reposting it here, one year out of sequence.

I scan Craigslist for frames and parts, though the sad lack of boolean search makes it hard. Bring cash as checks and cards are usually not accepted. Since returns are usually not possible on Craigslist, flea markets or yard sales, do a thorough inspection because many parts are worn, defective or unsuitable and inspection can reveal it. If a price sounds too good to be true then beware. When dealing on Craigslist you might want to meet in a neutral location.

You’ll need many new items and your LBS (local bike shop) is your friend here. I shop in many of the bike shops in town because the owners and mechanics can be knowledgeable and helpful and no one shop can do everything or carry all items you’ll need.wheels_parts_schwinn_world I prefer LBS over websites or catalogs. You might pay a buck (€.75EUR) more at the LBS, but is a distant website going to tell or show you how to put it on, or sell or loan you a tool, or install it if you get stuck? And if it’s the wrong part, defective or not as advertised you pay the shipping back.brkcbl

Measure hub width to match wheels to frames as sizes vary, same with seatposts, quill stems, pedals, spokes, axles, etc. Heft the frames and parts to determine weight or use a fish scale. I cycle mostly for pleasure and don’t mind some weight for a classic ride but you might. And if you can afford it lighter is always better.

Until ready to build, store frames and wheels in the garage joists  with the same screw-in or ‘S-hooks’ you use to store bikes. Apartment dwellers can hang from walls and ceilings-the components I mean, or the closet for batchelors.

garageHere’s where I shop:

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