Fox News Says ‘Don’t Visit Death Valley National Park’

DSC01668I hesitate blogging about fabulous locales like Death Valley lest I contribute to the glut of turkey-neck tourists like me. But then I remember that nobody, not even my own family and friend, reads my blog (thanks for your support). But lots of ill-informed people watch and read (skim) Faux ‘News’. So I was pretty happy to see them put DV on their list of ‘America’s Worst National Parks’. Here’s the full quote from the click-bait post so you won’t have to click:

Here’s an idea: heat a pan full of sand to about 200 degrees, then pour it on your head. Congratulations, you’ve just simulated a visit to Death Valley National Park. This is a place that actually boasts about once having 43 consecutive days of temperatures above 120 degrees. One Yahoo editor visited, and became so delusional from the heat that he imagined he enjoyed the trip. When it’s not hot, it’s bitterly cold in Death Valley, so at least you can get some variety in your misery. “ Oh, it has pretty rocks and mountains,” say some. You where else has colorful rocks? Literally every single other national park, and you might actually enjoy visiting them.
Online Review: “I have to say this is the ugliest place I have ever seen…I paid $20 for nothing but rock and salt.”

Yep, this turkey-neck is exactly correct. Death Valley is always 120 degrees Fahrenheit and ugly as sin. Nothing to see here, consumers, move along to Yosemite. Thanks, Fox ‘News’!


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2 thoughts on “Fox News Says ‘Don’t Visit Death Valley National Park’

  1. Not sure the Yahoo Travel author was actually serious as he states in the article “”So based on a minimum of research and a heap of biased analysis, here’s an authoritative list of America’s Worst National Parks.” It might just be a satirical piece…or he has his head up his ass.

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