Trump Puts NAZI Salute Ad on This Website


Well it sure looks that way, I mean the hat’s different and he’s pointing with just one finger instead of all four but otherwise it looks to me like the old “Zieg Heil!” last seen in earnest circa 1945. Not all dead after all, I guess they just scuttled into hiding for a while and reemerge like roaches.

Sorry about the seeming Nazi propaganda but I have no control over the ads on this site under my contract. Next year’s contracts will go from $24 to $99+USD -but no more ads for me to advise you against tapping.

Feels like Trump is doubling down on the crazy for the right-wing base in preparation for losing the election but winning the crazy core of the GOP so he can sell them stuff until they are dry. And then Trump declares another bankruptcy, this time for TrumpFreedomLibertyUSAPatriot dot com and goes on his merry way a richer grifter.

Again, sorry about the Nazi advert, it won’t happen next year. Note changes below to my boilerplate non-copyright notice.



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