trump Really, Really Hates Women, Over and Over

I can’t remember any president, Dem or GOP, personally attacking a perceived enemy’s physical appearance.

Yet the seemingly deranged trump feels free to comment on or denigrate especially women’s appearance on a frequent basis.

This masturbatory twitter spasm trump cannot control. And what do the Republicans say and do to deplore this recurring outrage to decency and even sanity? (Crickets except for Ana Navarro.)

The GOP will not say a word and will, apparently, work with this traitor, grifter and sexual predator as long as it leads to killing health care for the poor so rich people can get more tax cuts.

Don’t tell me that all presidents do it either. Nobody ever acted as pointlessly cruelly as trump does, even insanely against his own interests as in this hate filled twit storm.

It’s evident he’s showing the alzheimer’s disease that killed his father Fred, and since he is Caligula, self-crowned and anointed, there is no one able to stop him.

GOP, does it bother you this impulsive mental defective and con man has the nuke codes for ten fucking minutes, much less four to eight years?

No concerns? You’re good with him smiting Iran or the Norks or whoever gets his goat or ‘laughs at us’ this week?

GOP says, “what could possibly go wrong? What, me worry? If Obama didn’t like public sexual degradation of women then we’re all for it! Obama didn’t want to nuke our enemies so we do want to! We don’t care. Just so it pisses off libruls”.

GOP women, you’re good with this too? You like your appearance being critiqued, faulted and commented on publicly in person and permanently in social media by powerful ruling men?

Is it harmless fun like being hooted at by hardhats when you walk in the streets-shows you’re still attractive you say? The way you dress shows you ‘had it coming’ anyway?

Certainly no person working in business or government could say or ‘tweet’ any such offensive thing without instant job action by management and HR.

Yet, not a problem for trump with his clones or, so far (ever?), with 95% of the GOP at large. Would an actual shooting by trump of someone on Times Square change any GOP minds? Looks like trump is correct again. So far he really is above the law.

Just how deep does GOP corruption, greed, immorality and treason reach? So far it’s the Marianas Trench.



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