Smoked Salmon Jerky: AIProtocol/FODMAPS Compliant

If you’ve tried to find food to eat compliant to both the AutoImmune Protocol and the low FODMAPS diets then you know they are thin in the markets. So here’s how to dry Trader Joe’s wild caught Alaskan salmon into salmon jerky, with no verboten ingredients to bust either more-than-stringent diet.

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This replicates ‘hot smoked’ salmon, my preference, over this tasty but wet and a bit slimy style nearer to gefilte fish or lox.
Packed with easily digestible nutritious fats, proteins and micronutriants spiced only with salt, apple smoke, dill, sage and rosemary.
Throw in the freezer 30-45 minutes until firm enough to cut easily.

Season with your choice of complaint spices, of course dill being traditional. Go easily on added salt since it comes pre-salted.


Fragile flesh so lift carefully to drying tray.


I like the smell but still dry the fish in the garage.
Start checking for proper moisture at 3 hours or so depending on thickness. Keep closed in the fridge and use within a week. Well, now at least I have something to eat.

And the scraps? Won’t someone think of the children?





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