Nazi Bashing Feels So Good


Here’s my comment on Earth-bound Misfit’s blog after her anti-Nazi rant and photo (above).

You go girl! 100% agreement. Nazis crawl out now and then and have to be crushed. The blood of liberty has already been shed by a hero of democracy but to Republicans a meddling leftist butted in and got what was coming to her. Why can’t they leave poor ole massa Lee alone?

Because the dems are the same as repugs are the same as Nazis (not all Nazi death camp guards were bad-Hitler loved dogs) are the same as cannibals (Jeffrey Daumer seemed nice) are the same as child molesters (not all North American Man/boy Lovers Association members are bad) are the same as serial killers (Ted Bundy was so cute and not all bad).

Maybe trump can Unify the Fright with a giant Tiki-torch/searchlight rally of all the groups above.

Probably have to be held in Vegas though since today’s Germans wouldn’t let him use Nuremberg, they learned all about Nazis by 1945. Mrs. Clinton nailed it, trump’s deplorables.

Image via Earth-bound Misfit blog.

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