Smoke On the Water: California


The aptly named Stumpy Meadows in smoke.

I thought to get one more NorCal camping trip before the rains but it was a smokeout. At just over 3,000 feet (900 m), Stumpy Meadows was hazy and smoky.

Stumpy Meadows

Wright’s Lake near Desolation Wilderness was pretty dismal with cloud and eye-irritating smoke even at altitude.

Wright’s Lake

The campground was closed too though it was warm and mild. ‘Dispersed campers’ were around but I couldn’t see a legal place to park and camp.
So I had a snack and a smoke and drifted on South to Kentucky highway I-50 East.
I got as far as the Nevada line and the smoke was still strong so I turned Mazda Zoom-Zoom back to the Great Valley for indoor activities until the rains clean up the air.

Glacial Erratic Boulders

Any camping I try in 2017 will have to be in California’s desert Southeast and it’s too hot for that still. The rains here are forecasted to start this week after a 100% dry September.

Wright’s Lake

President trump, Russian turncoat, has ignored California’s incineration with our 40+ fire deaths because few voted for his fat ass in California and he’s too busy demeaning dead soldiers and insulting their families. Though crippled, California’s still functioning educational system produces far few moron voters than the mouth-breathing states.

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