Epiphone Accu Bass Find/Refurb



As bought; stickers, corroded strings, dirt, bad jack.

I played it 10 minutes at Chris’s Guitarlighthouse dot com-his front deck in Antelope. I liked the simplicity, the look, sound, playability and price.

I’d been checking out CL ads for a replacement for my old Ibanez Gio 4-string starter bass with shot tuners.
Something minimal and cheapish, one pup only, single volume and tone controls, passive-no battery, lightish in weight, knockout pretty. Yea, a Fender Precision Bass clone.


Single Split Humbucker

And I found one! Called an Epiphone Accu Bass, I think this bat-wing 4-string electric bass dates from 1996, or close to it.


Maple 1-piece neck, width 1.65 inch, straight, very playable.

Thankfully, this bass has machine heads that tune like butta and sounded pretty darn good even through Chris’s little guitar practice amp-and with a wonky input jack.

Since I had to jigger the patch cord to hear it, he threw in a free replacement jack and lowered the price from $165 to $140USD. Nice!


$14USD at Ace Hardware.


The usual chips, dents and scratches.

You’d pay Fender’s Custom Shop $300 extra for the ‘road worn’ treatment on your new 2018 genuine Fender fake vintage P-bass. And viola!
Here’s the same look for half the money and a free bass thrown in. Fake authenticity can be expensive. Look at my fake P-bass’s genuine corroded bridge.
This stock thumb-rest is too cool for school.


I like the pup/controls/jack cavity’s minimal size, leaving more resonating (ply) wood.

Stripping it down for jack replacement took 10 minutes; re-solder job another 15. Easy.


Gertie helping out.

It cleaned up prettily with damp-then-dry tee-shirt rubbing, followed by Ernie Ball Instrument Polish on micro-fiber cloth. Pots sounded good but I sprayed them with cleaner on GP.


Strap hanger holes needed the glue/toothpick treatment, then strap buttons reinstall.


Ready for D’Addario super light nickel round-wound strings.

Stringing up the beast is the next step.

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