Raleigh Racing USA Competition Road Bike

[This bike was traded on Craigslist for an ounce (28 gm) of excellent Colfax outdoor cannabis.

Craigslist has not yet been completely crippled by Trumpite Republicans-yet. Vote in November.]


The Raleigh Racing USA Competition was a UK racing bike cloned as a Asian-built road bike for the US market.

If you have the neighborhood reputation as a bike builder/nerd you get offered all manner of things cycling related.
My neighbor Rick moved out and downsized and I ended up with his 1984 Raleigh Racing USA Competition 14-speed road bike. Thanks Rick!


Streamlined hidden-cable Shimano SR levers. Chromed head tube and forks.

It’s too tall for me so I’m putting it out for sale or trade on CL.


Japanese Araya 700c alloy wheels, Shimano sealed hubs, perished tires.

I don’t do much vigorous cleaning on classic old bikes, I just wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. The new owner can risk ruining the patina but I won’t. This was a daily rider but taken care of.


Extended 7-shaped alloy quill stem. Atax Franco-Italia alloy ‘ram’s horn’ drop bars.

Rick can’t ride any more due to a bit of a dicky hip. My hip replacement surgery is scheduled for July but I can still throw my bad leg over and ride some.


Specialized rear skewer. Lavish chrome and decals on this model Raleigh.

Gelsof not-so-great replacement gel seat (from my parts bin, original was toast). SR Laprade micro-adjust seat post. Kalloy over-center clamp.

Shimano’s better quality had not quite killed off Suntour by the mid 1980s.
Hard to tell exactly what steels and processes produce Raleigh 555 tubing but it seems light and strong.
One-owner bike was originally sold about a mile from here in Roseville 24 years ago.


Alloy crank, missing dust cover, little gear tooth wear.

This bike was near the top of Raleigh’s line and you can tell.
High quality components for the day, light weight, good fit and finish, flashy chroming and decals, quality factory paint.


Whatever this means.


Strap pedals.

Alloy side-pull brakes.
Adjustable thorn remover would be handy for our local trails, chock-a-block with goat head thorns.
So if you are a local, tall rider needing a fine classic steel-framed bike from the glory days of Asian steel, drop by with money.

You need this ferrous classic. Don’t miss out.

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