Epiphone Accu Bass: Kramer Focus 420S

I bought this P-base clone 1996 Epiphone Accu Bass, with ‘bat wing’ headstock, for $140USD off Craig’s list.
A week later a two-for-one guitar/bass swap yielded me this primo Kramer Focus 420S, also aping the Fender Precision Bass.
Both copy Leo Fender’s look and feel as closely as cheap Asian clones can.


And the result in both cases is a pleasant sounding, easy playing bass.
You would think they would sound the same too but they pretty much don’t.
Maybe because of the extra few pounds (kilos) the Kramer has over the Epiphone, maybe because the Focus has these heavier strings, but the Kramer sounds stronger, has better sustain and shades the Epi for sound.
It also plays a bit better because I had a setup done by Strum Shop ($60 USD with new string install). Both necks are smooth and all frets pain free.
Both instruments tune easily and stay that way too, after initial string stretch.
Fit & finish are nice on both, the Focus having the edge.
It’s fun to play both to compare tones. But I know soon the ‘bat wing’ Epiphone will be traded for something new. Never selling or trading the Kramer though.

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