The Tomato Patch This Year

The usual late start with the usual Early Girl and Big Beef, only one each because the pool limits space.
One jalapeño plant only as well and that was overkill for these very hot peppers. Two cherry tomatoes of some kind-we lost the plastic ID sticks.

So, our usual muddle, though more so because of my new hip joint.
The rapidly multiplying toy windmills did nothing to scare off whatever was eating Gilbert Tomato.
Totally inadequate cage as usual too, ended up tying to fence, extra staking, etc.


Small garden space in pet cemetery corner.

Watered via garden hose dragged around.


The view from the brick patio with memorial pergola and trident maple.


Here lie the remains of Norman the Maine Coon cat-and the bones of many another pet. RIP Norman.

My mother died in 1991 but her rose lives on.

We finally found the miscreant caterpillar that MAY have eaten so many delicious fruits-you can see some damage here.

But I claim it was boids. Anyway, the larva was pardoned and is now another pet.DSC05938DSC05937DSC05939
The cherry tomatoes and the prolific pepper.


My convalescent view from the deep end.


This pepper was no fun, it fell right over.

Not sure about the top checking-watering, calcium?


A frequent breakfast.

Prop it back up, harvest more hot peppers.
Still producing cherry tomatoes, peppers and Big Beef (if that is what it is).
DSC06429.JPGThis is after a ‘final’ harvest for the production of green tomato relish.


Pickled peppers, onion, carrots, garlic.

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2 thoughts on “The Tomato Patch This Year

  1. Take the seeds out of the jalapeño, makes it less hot. Cut it while wearing disposable gloves or wash hands very well before touching body parts.

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