New Gmail Stinks As You Knew it Would

As you’d expect from Google, the new Gmail interface stinks on ice. I resisted installing it as long as possible. Here’s the feedback I sent them.

No sent mail folder? No trash folder? No spam folder? No way to revert to the old Gmail that was actually useful? You give me the old folders back and I’ll give you ‘starred’ and ‘snoozed’ back. You’ve made your program nearly useless but oh so colorful.

I suppose Google thinks folders are too hard a concept for the plebs to handle. Solution? Get rid of all folders except Inbox, ‘Starred’, and ‘Snoozed’-whatever the fuck that is.

To find any mail not in Inbox requires the user (luser) to drop down a big search box and search for it in the giant amorphous blob of files that has replaced the folders concept.
Here’s your blob of unsorted files. Guess Google has fixed the spam problem forever cause no more spam folder. Or trash either. What could go wrong?

Brilliant Google, you stepped on your dick again. We are all so stupid now.


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