Goldwell Open Air Museum

Near the Nevada gold rush ghost town of Rhyolite and five miles (8 km) outside the Death Valley national Park boundary is the Goldwell Open Air Museum.
This free outdoor sculpture park and artist center displays an interesting collection of sculptures and installations.


1984 sculpture- Ghost Rider, created by Albert Szukalski, 1st Goldwell artist.

The art site was founded following the death in 2000 of Albert Szukalski, who created the original plaster and burlap pieces Ghost Rider and The Last Supper here in 1984.


Created in 2000, moved to Goldwell in 2007.


Sofie Siegmann’s-Sit Here!



Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada by Dr. Hugo Heyrman.

In the 1990s, Hugo Heyrman added Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada, a cinder block sculpture in part based on the idea of the pixel. Wikipedia


Self portrait of the artist?



The Last Supper

Szukalski molded his shapes by draping plaster-soaked burlap over live models until the plaster dried enough to stand on its own.
The 7.8-acre (0.03 km sq) site is located at the northern end of the Amargosa Valley, about 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Las Vegas, and about 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Beatty off State Route 374.

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2 thoughts on “Goldwell Open Air Museum

    • No, I had no idea it was there, I was driving to Beatty for the cheap Nevada gas and the cheap Dennys senior breakfast. Found it accidentally after shooting Rhyolite, quite a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the comment, Sis.

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