He’s Just F*cking Nuts


This painting (photoshop?) was just released by the president* via Twitter. I don’t believe any comment is necessary.


Image via Twitter

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2 thoughts on “He’s Just F*cking Nuts

  1. Megalomania appears to strike all leaders given monstrous power, especially if the leader is completely hollow with no self to begin with. Grandiose schemes (Space Force, Wall), referring to himself in the third person, petty revenge for any real or imagined slight, paranoia (eating only junk food from random McDonald’s), delusions of grandeur (always the best, biggest, most fake gold plate).
    And like Caligula, Nero, Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler they all die totally alone, except sometimes with loyal mistresses like Eva Braun and Clara Patacci.
    Except I’m betting when this monster goes to his just rewards Melon will be back in Elbonia spending our stolen tax dollars.
    Thanks for the comment.

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