Why trump Won

I originally posted this to Earth-Bound Misfit blog. It sums up how we got into this deadly mess.

That’s the scary and sad part of the trump presidency. Over 40% of American voters are rascist, mysoginist, cruel and selfish. And not just in the treason states south of the Mason/Dixon line either. Plenty of trump lovers in California, Oregon and everywhere else.

And you can’t blame trump for the conditions that brought him to power. Since Reagan the rich, aided by the GOP and Rupert Murdock-presently rotting in hell, have steadily and relentlessly stolen the nation’s wealth from the workers who create that wealth.
Also aided by fake Democrats like the Clintons and Obama.

Trump, though proudly stupid and ignorant, has a genius for exploiting the obvious decline of the middle, working class whites to scapegoat the ‘other’ to spread division and turmoil. Exactly like Mussolini and Herr Shicklegruber.

Trump didn’t cause the decline of the fortune of working people since Reagan. The rich, the Republic Party and Fox ‘News’ caused it. Trump just cleverly used it to ride to power.

[He was] Also aided by Mrs Clinton’s election blunders, the slave master friendly electoral college and the traditional subversive talent of the Russians.

It only takes a small nudge to swing an election when the country is so divided. And trump got just enough. To his own surprise more than anyone elses.

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4 thoughts on “Why trump Won

  1. interesting blog post memo spot on with 4 out of 10 can he do it again? can you elaborate on fake democrats comment, not sure what is criteria to be democrat except maybe more socially conscious.

  2. Franklin Roosevelt, although he was a rich man, started or expanded government programs that helped working people when the economy had failed. Indirectly he also helped the undeserving rich (there are no deserving rich) by saving capitalism from itself.
    Since then, except for Jimmy Carter, no Democrat has fought for working people.
    Instead they have served Wall Street and were richly rewarded after they left office with lucrative speeches (the Clintons) or absurdly highly paid book deals (the Obamas).
    This is corruption pure and simple.
    Fake Democrats, like all in the Republic Party, serve the rich and not the vast majority who work hard when they have work, only to see the fruits of their labor stolen by the rich.
    Here are more fake Democrats: Donna Brazile, James Carville (a richly paid political hack) and Rahm Emmanuel (‘stab ’em in the neck with a pencil’.)
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I tend to agree with just about everything you said but don’t forget about gerrymandering and campaign finance issues. Also a big boon to someone wealthy with no scruples who wants power.

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