Trump Thinks Twitter Is the Mean Girl

This post was a comment on earthbound misfit’s blog post on trump attacking and threatening Twitter, alleging censorship.

Apparently fact checking trump’s lying, violent and inflammatory twitter posts triggered the poor little IMPOTUS President*.

And if you hurt the feelings of Dear Leader he lashes out like Al Capone. He will unleash his tribe of shit-slinging and assault rifle armed flying monkeys out to get his perceived enemy of the day. Always.


Did not survive arrest.

Tod Germanica comment:
May 29, 2020 at 1:37 PM
The point is he’s fighting, he’s in the face of the libtards. The elitist coastal so-called educated and cultured ‘leaders’ that the trumpites hate and blame for their piss poor position in life.

Trump is their champion because he’s a whining victim looser just like them and everybody knows it.

And why shouldn’t trump pull this lawsuit shit, sic Barr on ’em, encourage his simpleton base to exercise their 2nd amendment rights? There is no down side I can see for trump.

This will lose him no votes, though Susan Collins will clutch her pearls. Trump always threatens and bullys. Trump alway sues or threatens to sue. Trump always encourages his thugs to violence.

That’s what the GOP, now 100% trumpites, likes about trump. He’s a racist selfish asshole with visions of violence, blaming his shithole life on others. Usually brown, black or female others. It’s all their fault.


Survived arrest. No charges filed.

It’s worked well for him his whole criminal life. Why change? He’s been a major and minor crook his whole life and never once saw the inside of a jail.

Because money and connections and graft and… forget it Jake, it’s New York City. Trump will try anything. He’s a rat in the corner.

What does he have to lose, his honor, his reputation? His good name? The love and admiration of family and friends and fellows? Trump never had any of that to start with.

And when the president* starts talking about bullets flying you can expect that to happen. But, heh, it’s the USA, that happens anyway.
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