I Embarrass Myself on Social Media Again

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram but sometimes I visit Talk Bass, the forum/chat site for bass players and builders, a largely non social group of musicians.

This time I embarrassed myself with an attempted post that, after four days, had no comments and, I guess, zero views. Ouch, do I ever not have my hand on the pulse of music.

So naturally I had to post something stupid as a response to my own stupid original post. Next I’ll post pictures of my cat and my shot glass collection. Then I can natter on about how a moose once bit my sister and the shockingly high tariff on string beans. It’ll be my own little corner of Talk Bass server bandwidth.
I titled the post ‘All-bass Metallic ‘One’ Cover’



After the cat pics I could then post the precepts of Theosophy as put forth by Madame Blatvatski and anecdotal tales of my 20-year bureaucratic career as a file clerk at The Department of Redundancy Department and the California Board of Phrenology. Chilling. That’ll learn ’em.

Unless noted, all text and images by todgermanica.com.

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