An Old Peep Remembers: Electric Bass Guitar

2020-08-03 11.25.55
This was a comment on the bassist social (antisocial) media website

As one of the oldest players here [in age- 69, not years playing- 3] let me say I remember it well [the introduction of the Fender Precision Bass]. I was about eight months old in November of 1951, I believe it was, when the Grand Ole Phaphry (member Minnie Pearl with the hat so new the price tag dangled down like a NBA star?) showcased this tiny bass shaped like an electric guitar you could strap around your neck and dance around like Elvis, if he’d ever played electric bass, which I doubt. Sounded pretty good too, didn’t need to be so precise neither cause Mr Fender’s contraption used those same rigid metal cheaters as on git-fiddles, frets. Durned if it didn’t catch right on and is still used to this day, and always called the Electric Bass, as Leo intended. For the first time in human history someone finally heard a bass line. Why, even knee high to a grasshopper as I must have been in those days, you just don’t forget something like that. Nossir. And I swore right then, “When I turn 67 I’m learning that fine instrument”. And I kept that vow.

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