Legal Pot in California: Now Hash

Today I drove about twelve miles to The Sanctuary cannabis store in north Sacramento, the closest pot shop to me in Roseville and the only one I’ve ever used in California.

They post a Glock 40cal armed security guard outside and mask up well but with the small sample room and everyone huffing flowers I get in and out of there fast. Male pattern shopping. We don’t shop, we buy.

Best pot packaging simplicity but I slash the bags and decant to jars because my arthritic fingers and hands cannot pull apart the industrial strength zip lock.

Now I’ve smoked pot since junior year in 1968 but really all I know about it is how to roll a joint and fire it up. I find the silly strain and type names to be risible, they make me snort- Diesel Sludge, GMO Garlic Cake…and now Bubble Hash.

Sativa vs Indica and energetic vs calming is always touted, as are ‘strains’ of this or that with outrageous names and elaborate unnecessary packaging. To a lesser or greater extent when I smoke any of them I feel stoned.

Important to have a good dope kit. Mine is an old ‘biscuit tin’ showing kilted and scotch bonneted dancing Scottish girls kicking up their heels about 1965. It cheers me up.

Bubble hash is a sort of granulated hashish, or so it appears and tastes, and about twice the THC percentage as pot flowers. Which sounds about right. More effect on me than gummies anyhow.

Lately I’ve been buying two half-ounce bags of about 26% THC flowers to save driving. I never even notice or remember the silly name since to me pot is pot. Guess I’m a philistine gourmand instead of an effete gourmet. Say la guerra.

Before taxes $137. After taxes $175.

I’d thought to try more infused gummy candy but bought this new hash instead. Some are affected more strongly by eating pot than others and it’s largely a waste of time and money for me despite me trying it more than thrice and wanting to like it because it spares the user lung and bronchial assault. Presumably. But no joy on eating the stuff for this body and brain.

These shirts are for employees only but sometimes if you ask they will souvenir you one so it never hurts to beg.

You can see the various and sundry ‘sin’ taxes we need to pay here in heavily taxed California for legal pot, the reason the home grown and sold type still survives. Without the legal pot’s actual sin of over packaging. Reefer should be sold in a baggie.

I didn’t want legal pot to turn into Big Business because I liked the homegrown low key, local, cheap pot of yore. But it is what it is and I’ll admit it reduces paranoia, which pot tends to bring on. And convenient, the virtue that trumps all here. Wanna get high bro? Jump in the car and bring cash or card.

What can I do with all these cute little cannabis jars?

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