Treason Plus Grifting: Today’s Republican Party

The repost below is via Huffington Post. Clearly the seditious January 6th traitors are still all in for fascist collaboration with Russia following trump’s failed coup.

The made-in-China mug- claimed to be made in USA in another lie- shows Hawley giving a clenched hand Che Guevara fist pump to encourage trump’s insurrectionist cultists to storm the Capitol to hang Pelosi and Pence and steal the election for Putin/trump.

So the party of Putin continues their Trumpian and Putinist grand theft, grifting and treason with Russia. Thanks, mouth-breathing cousin-fucking neo-confedarate traitor voters of Missouri, your turncoat rep sure ‘showed us’ the Nazism.

Hawley’s campaign is selling a mug with a picture of Hawley raising his fist to a crowd of Donald Trump supporters as the senator made his way into the Capitol to object to the outcome of the presidential election. Hours later, the crowd pushed past barricades and joined the mob storming the Capitol.

Image and text via Huffpost.

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