Tomorrow Belongs to Kyle Rittenhouse

Celebrated by the Republican party, young killer Kyle Rittenhouse has announced he was suing many media outlets who reported his mass killings.

He’s never shown a trace of empathy or conscience, never remorse or regret. He saw those people he gunned down as sticks, a stone young psycho.

And he’s being richly rewarded and groomed for elective office by the Trumpite GOP. Governor Rittenhouse?

Assault rifle in hand, he is the cutest little perfect mascot for the Republican death cult and his future is assured.

He’s now constantly on every media outlet that the GOP owns (all of them) complaining that he’s being Cancel Cultured.

Says he has been stifled and suppressed from spreading the good news about Jesus and automatic weapons for all white men rights (2nd amendment).

And being covered in praise for his brave stand protecting poor machine guns- guns are people too.

What a model for young Republicans to follow. Maybe he’ll start a Trump Youth Brown Shirt movement to murder liberals and trump’s enemies. His future is wide open.

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs to Kyle Rittenhouse

  1. He was found not guilty of all charges by a jury of his fellow assault rifle toting peers.He is lionized by the right because he faked tears and owned the libs. He is still a fucked up individual who now feels he has a license to kill. So it goes…


    • He will be death tainted for the rest of his life but will not notice. Others will shun him or laugh derisively in his general direction- but not when little Killer Kyle gets that itchy trigger finger again. He’s the personification of trump’s saying he could shoot anybody and get away with it. Kyle not only got away with it, he’s set for life so he profits from his murder (allegedly! ). Cross him and he’ll fucking plug you 127 times and get off again. That’s called terrorism.
      Good thing he’s a good guy with a gun.

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