Motiv Fixie


My motive here (sorry) was to build a light, cheap, lugged, cro-mo steel-framed bike. I found the basis of that in a $40USD (NT$1178TWD) Motiv frame of the type sold at Costco, with double-butted Tange 900 tubes and aqua and white paint.

I thought I could compensate for the small frame with tall handlebars. It was light, had good components and was cheap to build.


Motiv Fixie and Gertrude, Queen of Denmark

Sadly, the top tube was too short and at slow speeds I got too much toe overlap. Didn’t care for the aesthetics of the ‘ape hanger’ bar either and sold it for the parts. Total cost was $235USD (NT$6925TWD). For handlebar grips above I used crutch hand grips. Fixed Gear Gallery Post

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