Mizutani Seraph Super Sports Singlespeed



Another case of me falling in love with a frame’s gorgeous head badge, paint and decals and forgetting about such things as weight and quality. This fairly obscure brand probably had good reasons for being obscure. But look at that drooling dog head badge!

I built it for my son Gabe but it was geared so high and was so heavy and weak (he bent the chainring!) I gave him another bike, stripped off the components and trashed the frame. It was always a singlespeed and never a fixie but, attention whore that I am, I submitted it to Fixed Gear Gallery anyway.

My bike work was a bit cheap and primitive in those days, note I retained the heavy steel cottered cranks, chopped off the chainring with a Dremel Moto-Tool, used electrical tape for bar tape and used a worn rear wheel with a bent axle. Fixed Gear Gallery Post

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