Broadway Folding Bike: Japanese Puch ’10-Speed’


Here’s a 1-speed Broadway folding bicycle at Denio’s. El Patron might have taken my offer of all the cash I had, $79, but El Jefe (Mamacita) held out for $100 so I could not buy. But they’ll be back at the flea market tomorrow so I still might.

Pretty sure it’s another name for a Raleigh Twenty and if so a good deal even at $100. I rode it around the vast flea market parking lagoon and it rode quite well. [3/2016-Pics from after refurb.-see later post.]



Another good deal is this Japanese Puch for $60 at Roseville Hospice Thrift (click FIND PARTS). These were manufactured by Kuwahara and Araya in the mid 1980s for Puch.


Excellent condition with like new gumwall 27×1 1/4 tires on Araya alloy wheels, alloy crank and tall bars complete with Zefal tire pump. ‘Hi-Ten’ frame (high tensile) so a bit heavy for me. I considered buying it just for the wheels and tires but somebody no doubt needs a bike at a good price more than I need wheels so I passed.

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