Dahon Boardwalk S1 Folding Bike

dahon_boardwalk_s1Not a Raleigh Twenty clone and not named ‘Broadway’. Bought the Dahon Boardwalk SL1 folder for $90USD. Fixed faults: replaced kickstand pivot pin and bent holder straight; bent reflector mount straight with Crescent wrench and put a red reflector on; tightened front reflector; replaced missing cargo rack bolt, lubed chain, pumped tires.

Front brake works well but shrieks, rear coaster brake makes noise coasting but not pedalling. Tiller is yawed to starboard a bit, likely it got a tolchocking in the past. I’ll take it to my bike guru for assessment and read up on coaster brake maintenance.

Rode it up the parking ramp on Vernon St. to the top this evening but missed the sunset in clouds. It’s a dahon_pedalbit heavy and I don’t know how to fold it correctly yet but it mostly rides and handles like any other singlespeed bike.

I banged it over the broken pavement and it handled it well. You hardly notice the small wheels and the rack and fenders are handy.

The seat is awful, of course, but I always have to change that anyway. dahon_boardwalk_s1_wrightfoldFolding it confused me but likely I’ll get the hang of it. The weight, 30.5lbs (13kg 834.5g), is the price of making it foldable.

The Dahon Boardwalk S1 succeds with a good gear ratio, folding everything, and instant adjustment for riders of most heights.

I look forward to riding it with a new seat. It gets stares and puzzled, amused looks and it actually can bring home the bacon (on the rack).

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