Happy New Year, 2014

DSC03566Let’s hope it’s a good new year. I’m on antibiotics for sinus infection and bad molar tooth so dental work is in my near future. Never travel if you feel even slightly ill, I remind myself again.

I saw nothing of beautiful Portland except the inside of the (admittedly fashionable) Hotel deLuxe, flat on the bed sick. On Christmas day I gave up and we rented a car at double rate and drove south on the I-5, stopping only for gas and coffee.

Feeling better now, doctor fees and drug costs were covered and the drugs are working. Good to be home.

DSC03511Here’s the new C-9 gel seat, male pattern. The rubber springs are nice. It was on sale for $28. The lycra cover will soak up rain but it’s generally dry here (especially now!) and this folder will mostly be living in the garage joists.

The Open Road step-through is still at The Pedal Pros bike shop waiting for another bottom bracket, the last one extended too far on the left.

Robert has done most of the bike building on this rebuild and he is knowledgeable and patient so I know it’ll get done right.

The two-tone chain ring looks cool on the new cranks and when he builds it up again with the new BB I’m having him install blue handlebar grips as well. Here’s the American Eagle at sunset of the Winter Solstice.DSC03467

To our Chinese and Asian friends, Happy New Year in advance for the Year of the Horse. I am eating the traditional black-eyed peas with ham hock for good luck. Let us all be lucky this year.

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