Dennis Rodman, American Patriot

rodman-hugDennis Rodman claims the FBI recruited him to spy on N. Korea on his next visit, per the International Business Times today. ‘Conspiracy’ web sites try to show increased N. Korean saber rattling after Rodman’s traveling show in Pyongyang was not a coincidence, that Obama is goading China, using Rodman as an agent, or something.

So maybe there is a method to Rodman’s madness after all. He’ll be Obama’s mole (instead of The Worm) to sniff out evil.

I’ll bet the whole thing was the FBI’s idea from the start. How could an American citizen pull off this Harlem Globetrotter stunt with the most dangerous and unstable world leader, and our avowed enemy, without official government cooperation (and money)?

The FBI probably cooked it up, paid for it and plan for more. Heroic Dennis Rodman, patriotic, probably doomed, FBI spymaster. Is the new ‘Vice Channel’ FBI too, sort of like how the CIA ran ‘Air America’ in Vietnam? Watch out for the dogs over there Dennis.

Here from Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison’s Fake News Friday, Rodman said, “Look, I didn’t want to spy on him anymore. Kim Jong Un was a pretty tight bro. He was always calling me ‘da bomb’ and he just really loves jelly beans and Shaun White. Oh, and he’s super afraid of poodles. I don’t know what that’s about.”

Photo via the Washington Post
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