Happy Halloween, RIP 1gearbikediy.com Blog


My WordPress hosting ends with the month so this will likely be my last post here. I decided not to re-up with WordPress figuring it’s not worth $46 per month in perpetuity to keep my vanity bike blog alive.

I really enjoyed the writing and the photography and might well blog again but my bike building days appear to be ending after six years and many fixies and single-speeds. I am again physically disabled from arthritis, tendonitis and rotator cuff injury.

No doubt I will heal up again as always but the repetitive movements and the necessary contorted postures of bike building are not helping me recover. Besides, I’ve built bikes for most of the family, neighbors and friends that can use a 1-gear bike so I reckon my job is pretty much done.

If you like writing you should start your own blog. WordPress and probably other hosts will give you a simple and small blog for free and the cost to get your domain name and extra storage is not very expensive.

I found having to explain a procedure in a post made me want to do more research to make sure I got things right before posting. This made me a bit smarter about bikes because I had to hit my repair manuals and Duck Duck Go before I posted to make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself (more than my writing betrays).

I always tried to imagine my reading public (all seven of you) as a young kid with not much mechanical experience but a strong desire to build a fixie or SS. I tried to give information that I would have wanted when I started building.

But of course the bike building posts were just filler for the fun op/ed pieces I got to stick in when I wasn’t building bikes.

So thanks for reading and I hope one or two of you were inspired to build or ride a fixie or single-speed. I had a lot more posts in mind such as the all-important chain-line, wheel trueing and dishing, the snobbery of bikers, features to look for in a blogging camera, and posts about my diet and arthritic adaptation.

But you never know how many off-topic posts will alienate people who just want to build bikes. Best of luck in building and biking and don’t forget your helmet.

[WordPress actually preserved all my 1gearbike.diy post and they are all now on this blog.]



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