Post Your Fixie on Fixedgeargallery Dot Com

tak_nite_compIf you build your bike with a fixed gear or with a flip/flop hub you should post pictures and descriptions to Fixedgeargallery dot com. It’s fun to show off your art and craft for the worldwide web to see. It’s free to post and since FGG depends on viewer content (and donations), you’re contributing. Even if you’re too shy to post it’s fun to surf the site for cool bikes and good ideas for your own builds. I’ve probably posted a half dozen bikes there; here’s the Takara I just completed. One of my proudest bike building moments was when FGG chose my Monkey Wards Open Road bike for the coveted Your Wednesday Fix with featured picture on their home page. Post your fixie and get a thrill (and your 15 minutes of fixie fame.)

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