Motobécane Grand Jubilee Single-Speed Conversion: Part 2

moto_hd_bdg_shadThe first bike I remember much was a French Gitane, sort of a poor man’s Peugeot, in the 1970s. I liked it and rode it to death but I don’t use French frames because of the nonstandard bottom bracket, headset threads, etc.

But then I fell in love with this Motobécane Grand Jubilee with double-butted Vitus 172 chromoly tubes and beautiful lugs, complete with Japanese SR cranks and chain-rings, and SR ‘rat trap’ pedals which, sadly, hurt my feet.moto_peds_electra

These $10USD Electra bike ‘Barefoot’ flat rubber pad pedals work for my feet. Apply a dab of anti-seize compound after cleaning threads. Left pedal has reverse threads; clockwise to loosen, counterclockwise (UK:anticlockwise) to tighten. Red KMC chain with easy link.

moto_shimno_rearShimano freehub 17-tooth SS conversion. Inner factory chain-ring is a 40-tooth, I’ll swap out the cog, cheap enough, if it’s geared too spinny, if that is a word.

I removed, cleaned, lubed and reassembled the original cup-and-cone bottom bracket since it still worked smoothly-some light pitting. French thread and French length modern sealed bottom brackets are extant but pricey.

Front wheel is a French Wolber Alpine, the factory Motobécane wheel’s bearings and races being scored like the headset races. moto_diacompe_rearCouldn’t use stock Motobécane rear brake either because of difference in wheel size but found this old Dia-Compe side-pull of correct arm length in my parts bin.

I got the new special order headset ($35) but am going to take it back to Bob’s Cycle and let them put it back together for a small fee. They already cut the new fork steering tube to correct length for no charge.

moto_pedls_elbikeI ordered a Very Long quill stem ($15) due next week so will build it until then with temporary short ‘7’ stem with short-rise ‘ape-hanger’ handlebars.

Costs So Far

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