Working Daddy’s Garden


He’s 88 now, living 6 miles across the freeway in Citrus Heights, and bothered by sciatica, so I do the heavy lifting and he’s the brains of the outfit. Usually we dig out the raised beds and dig in new compost from his double bin composter, but this year we just dug out around each hole and added Vigoro, not sure of the NPK. seedlngsHere are the seedlings from Home Depot, about $2USD each.

gard_pltPlanted April 20, and it was very easy because the drip system and weed netting was already set up from last year.

Nobody’s tomatoes did very well last year but we’re trying again with an Early Girl, Big Beef, Husky Cherry Red and a hybrid.

I bought 3 yellow crook-neck squash, a Japanese black eggplant and a zucchini but ended up planting the zuck and spare crook-necks at my hhsky_rd_buds.JPGouse in the front yard where the tree was used to being.

I also got him a red and a yellow sweet bell pepper and a cantaloupe. All good, hot- weather, hardy plants that will take little care and most of that is already automated.

We will side-dress it once or twice but he’s in charge of all that so I’ll do as I’m told and weed it now and then.

Harvest time is the fun time with semi-organic food grown at home. I guarantee none of the cherry tomatoes will make it to the house, all will be consumed on sight when ripe.









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