Motobécane Grand Jubilee Single-Speed Conversion: Conclusion

mot_as-ismoto_rt_gertsFlea market frame formed of double-butted Vitus 172 chro-mo steel tubes, as were the chrome-plated forks, sadly twisted.

mot_frk2_The after-market $75 forks resemble the stock ones except for less rake and more weight.


3rd_hnd_tlStock brakes were too short for 700c wheels so I used a vintage alloy Dia-Compe and a Raleigh side-pull from my parts bin.

Unless you have a helper, you’ll need a 3rd-hand-tool to clamp the brakes down while you attach brake cables. I use this drywall clamp (UK:cramp).

Remember to leave enough leeway on the adjusting barrel to adjust the shoes off the rims after you remove the clamp.

Old bikes need wheel truing which is a sort of zen task and not bad if the spokes aren’t rusty or rounded off. This bike needed plenty of work. It was generally difficult, as you’d except of a neglected 1970’s French beauty like the Motobécane Grand Jubilee (think Bridgette Bardot.)

moto_shimno_rearThis bike fought me every step of the way. The Shimano wheel had scored ball bearings and races I had to replace: the headset was scored and I had to have a new one put in: seat-post was frozen and took repeat tolchocks with a ball-peen hammer between WD-40 treatments to free up.

I was able to reuse the post after cleaning, along with the ‘7-shaped’ quill stem, SR Apex cranks, Sakae chain-rings, and original cup-and-cone bottom bracket. Kickstand is a vintage alloy Esge/Pletscher from Switzerland.

New KMC red chain livened up the drive line and the tall ‘mustache’ handlebar added flair and easier riding posture. Chain-line was good after I moved plastic spacers-an advantage of free-hubs over freewheels. Flat rubber pad pedals from Electra Bike.

Bike rides fast and smooth and light and is ultra-maneuverable. Tooth-count is: 17-cog/40-chain-ring. Weight is around 27 lbs. (12.247 kg)


Total Cost, US Dollars
Frame: $30
Fork: $75
Stem: $15
Pedals: $10
Rear whl: $20
Frnt whl: $20
Brakes: $20
Handlebar: $25
Headset: $35
” labor: $30
Misc.: $20
TOTAL: $300

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