Goats In Your Neighborhood

gts_lgoThe goats came through the Dry Creek floodplain again this year and did a fine job of brush cutting; it would have taken George W. Bush all year.

gts_n5If the trees have slanting branches, as above, the goats can climb the trees, stripping off everything.

gts_n2This shot of misnamed Dry Creek was taken a few months back; it’s closer to actually being dry right now.

Per the City of Roseville: A forced intensive livestock grazing method is employed to achieve the desired vegetation management goals. Specifically, the goats will graze a 30-foot firebreak between the homes and the open space, thus reducing the fuel load and ladder fuels creating a defensible space.
The animals eat primarily twice a day beginning early in the morning. During the day they will rest. They will start up again in the early evening until they bed down for the night. Goats consume 5% of their body weight each day making them one of the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly tools available. On average, 100 goats will clear approximately 1 acre a day.

The city cautions local residents to leash dogs and control children around the solar electric fences and don’t feed or annoy the goats or the dogs.

gts_nhncThe goat program is quite popular in Roseville as an alternative to the loud and polluting power tools usually seen and heard on Dry Creek. The city workers do a fine job but then so do the goats, leaving only dry, mild smelling pellets that dissolve in the rain-if we ever get rain- making for fine fertilizer. Of course I mean the goats leave the pellets, not the city workers.

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3 thoughts on “Goats In Your Neighborhood

  1. I think this is a totally fabulous, environmentally friendly, and economic program, on so many levels. Bravo to the city of Roseville!

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