The Bridges of Roseville

The footbridge below no longer exists. It formerly connected the library parking lot with Royer Park across Dry Creek but it grew wobbly and had to be demolished. It was a great place to feed ducks and its arch resonated with the Crooked Bridge.

ros_brdggoneBelow, a Parker through truss footbridge over Dry Creek, the “Rube” F. Nelson Footbridge” was an ice plant rail overpass that was moved to bridge Dry Creek between the old fire station and Veterans Memorial Hall.




New foot and bike bridge on the bike trail across Dry Creek.



ros_crockd_2brdsRoseville’s strangest bridge is the 1929 Crooked Bridge, Sierra Blvd. over the Union Pacific and AMTRAK lines. A narrow through arch bridge with high curbs and a blind turn in the center, it’s old enough to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Barely adequate; replacement cost, $4 million.




Dry Creek at Royer Park

ros_salmon_hab_sgnOn Folsom Road near Maciel, this bridge is the start of Miners Ravine bike/walking trail. When it rains big salmon come bashing up Dry Creek in a sexual frenzy. Feral cats on the creek are trapped to be neutered, one ear clipped then released. Georgia feeds feral cats here at her own expense. The cats like to sleep under the bridge but homeless people sleep there too.


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2 thoughts on “The Bridges of Roseville

  1. Me too but that thing almost killed me on my bike. No room to hug the absurdly tall curb and no room for cars to go around, banged a pedal and almost got thrown in front of traffic. Now I always ride on the (narrow!) sidewalk.

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