Legal Eagle Ultralight Fly-In, Rio Vista, 2015


Leonard Milholland’s Legal Eagle design, such as Les Homan’s yellow ultralight shown above, allows low-and-slow legal personal flight with no license from the FAA, though comm radio and strobe lights are more than highly recommended

Les and Legal Eagle UL

The LEGAL EAGLE GATHERINGNorthern California, Gathering of those interested in Leonard Milholland’s Legal Eagles and Double Eagles… took place at Rio Vista Airport, 088, on Sept. 26, 2015. I counted 25 souls, about half of which had built a plane previously, the rest probably more like me, interested enough in this capable little ‘Air Recreational Vehicle’ to drive or fly a long way.


Les Says Maybe Use A Hall's Airspeed Only

Les emphasized a level take-off attitude helps the blistering rate of climb, and that when power is reduced and a slip is added, forced landings can be successful in back yards-successful meaning you can limp away from it.


German Horsepower, American Soda Can

The seminars on flight characteristics, build techniques and dealing with the public and the FAA were educational, as were the displays of fittings, wing ribs and jigs.

Les Explains It All

le-ul-fibjjigle-ul-wing-bare I didn’t stay for the engine talk but the demo engine and parts and just seeing several live Milholland airframes and engines made me like this design even more.

A hangar neighbor supplied and roasted an entire pig and donuts, water and coffee were supplied so thanks a lot!

le-both-frntIt was a shame that Les’s two-seat LSA trainer was a maintenance no-show; maybe next year.

le-ul-wht-full-builderTo find out about next year’s gathering of Legal Eagles, call Les Homan 925‐548‐2502, or email:

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