1982 Centurion LeMans12 12-Speed Bicycle


Above is a classic 1982 Centurion I bought at Denio’s flea market for $55USD. It weighs 33 lbs (15 kg) and shows no cro-mo (chrome molybdenum) sticker so maybe the tubes are the heavier ‘Hi-Ten’ (high tensile) steel- but still very nice. Odd angle on the seat.

The Asian couple close to my age at Denio’s wanted $70 for it. “How about fifty”, I said. He said “very light!”, and hefted the bike to demonstrate. I said, “I know, that’s why I want to buy it”. He said “how about $65?”, and we finally settled on $55USD.


I rolled it back to my hatchback supreme without checking it out in detail, I could see the bike’s inherent goodness and felt glad as I’d been looking for one just like this one, 56cm frame with good paint and decals, pretty head-badge and in ridable condition.



I found the bike’s serial number, N2L8000, stamped on the bottom bracket shell and followed Sheldon Brown’s link for info. Decoded, it means the bike was made during weeks 23-24 in 1982, frame number 8000. It’s the same age as my son.

cenfrnttubelogoI’ll post soon on the changes  needed to fit it out for me as shown in the top image. It’ll be tall bars and a tall quill stem for that sit-up-and-beg, Dutch style seating position my arthritic neck needs; a well sprung gel seat that won’t beat up my butt; fenders and rack to make it usable year round, and flat rubber pad pedals for my flat rubber feet.


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6 thoughts on “1982 Centurion LeMans12 12-Speed Bicycle

  1. Clean looking pool, Tod.

    Thanks Man. I find a fabulous vintage bike and you notice how good my pool maintenance skills have gotten? Be Here Now, Man-but thanks for viewing.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I had about six bikes last year so I reassembled this Centurion with neck killing original drop bars and uncomfortable ‘rat trap’ pedals to sell to the masochistic local youths but never got around to it so it presently decorates my garage rafters. Can’t sell a bike in the Winter anyway so I’ll just keep it for now. Loves me some vintage Japanese steel bikes (me and Sheldon Brown).

      • The LeMans hasn’t gotten any attention yet. Notice the lovely sun baked foam handgrips! (it feels like rebar covered in barnacles)

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