Centurion LeMans12: Fitting for Arthritic Adaptation

Last post I showed this 1982 Centurion LeMans12 12-speed Japanese road bike below the way I bought it at Denio’s flea market for $55USD. I’m not sure what body type the seat was set up for, lobsters?


The changes I made starting from the top: short-rise mustache  handlebars and tall alloy quill stem to keep my head aligned; Cloud9 gel seat sprung with rubber doughnuts; flat rubber pad pedals from Electra Bike.
cen2-hdbdgI replaced the old 27×1 1/4inch front tire, which was a Specialized brand ‘gum-wall’ tire like the rear. I’d bet they were the bike’s original tires or at least from the 1980s.

‘Gum-wall’ tires omitted the carbon from the sidewalls to try to promote flexibility; this led to a buff colored sidewall appearance (and less rot resistance). I’ll replace the rear tire too before I ride it again.
Next step will be a luggage rack, and I’ll need a front light and fenders along the way as well so stay tuned.

[Update 3/2016: Here it is with vintage Swiss alloy Pletscher cargo rack and Bell bike bag. Still need fenders.]


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