Artistic Brick Paving in Roseville and Citrus Heights


Gem the cat approves of the new brickwork by Frank Simon of Citrus Heights. Below is what it looked like before, ugly like a garage floor and slippery when wet.


It’s nice to see an old pro work, he’s huffing and puffing and muttering to himself but never a wasted motion. He lays them out and cuts some and glues them all down.












Everything is grouted and pointed expertly and when dried, Frank acid washes it- twice. Everything is sprayed and washed multiple times, tools and cords are rolled out in the morning and rolled up in the afternoon. Heavy loads of brick are toted and brick dust reddens the photenias early.


Painting the house showed how poor the porch looked; paving the porch shows how worn the door is and how crappy the remaining 1967 concrete walk looks now.

Still waiting here for the new door bell and the 2nd acid wash but it looks very good to me. I love the ‘peace sign’ [sign of the American Chicken] corners whose angles echo those of the herringbone brick pattern.

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One thought on “Artistic Brick Paving in Roseville and Citrus Heights

  1. Nice brick work, is the cat a stray?

    Thanks J, no, Gem belongs to a neighbor but feeds everywhere. Very friendly but a pure glutton.

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