Dry Creek Rises in Roseville, California


Rain almost daily, sometimes hard, and Dry Creek has raised its level by only perhaps a foot or two (.3-.6 m), but it’s flowing much faster now that the ground is saturated. Compare to the picture taken in the summer under the same bridge.




Here is my stream height guage, my neighbor’s steps down to the creek.

Years ago a dozen intrusive cottonwood trees were cut to promote native plants. This shows one of the stumps. My swimming pool thanked the city.


We are many feet from this record, which left almost a foot of water (.3m) and an inch (2.5 cm) of mud in my house.



This culvert has not run in years. Notice the basalt or diabase ‘trap rock’ used to control erosion. The chunk below looks like it was intruded by quartz or some felsic rock.



Nice Weather


With the rain, the creek’s floodplain has changed from Serengeti to Ireland.


An hour after I took these pictures the creek had already started to recede. We’re hoping for all the rain we can handle but, lets hope, no more. Once your house has flooded you become a believer, and no talk of improved stream flow, catchment ponds or drain cleaning from the city of Roseville will ever totally assure you.




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