Jamis Explorer 1.0 Hybrid Bike


I was prowling Denio’s flea market when I found this Jamis Explorer 1.0 hybrid bike and snapped it up for $60USD. My 1st bike with aluminum frame, it uses 7005 alloy tubes. Weight is around 30 lbs with cruft removed.


I was able to ride it back to my car and stow it in the hatch-back. The cargo rack was cracked so I talked the seller down from $70, as is the custom at Denio’s.



Shimano Altus Rear Dérailleur


Shimano Top-Swing SIS Front Dérailleur

Big puffy 26″x 1.90″ tires pumped up to 65psi front and rear with a Bontrager wheel in back and a Weinmann in front.

Love the flat rubber pad pedals but the Contour XFC seat is too firm.




The cargo rack was missing one metal fold-out pannier, the welds were cracked, and it was heavy.

Performed the usual minor repairs, tire inflation, chain lube, minor wheel truing and removal of the broken tail-light and rack-about an hour.


For me, the quill stem is too short and so is the handlebar. I’ll take this bike in to Robert my bike guy and see if he can score me a taller steering set-up, often possible even on this old gear, especially in the internet age. Here it is with broken tail-light and rack removed.


Assuming I can fit it with tall bars and stem and a softer gel seat, with its cushy tires and 21 gears it should work well on the dirt roads at Folsom Lake. And it fits through the hatch of my Hyundai Accent without taking off any wheels.






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