Pedicabs and Rickshaws in Roseville



Located at 640 Vernon St. in downtown Roseville, Roseville Pedicabs represents an ecological and fun way to legally drink and drive-on their Bar Bike. Click the link above to schedule your party and lose weight while you drink!


I didn’t see the Bar Bike at their lot next to the tracks on Vernon Street but they had lots of other interesting pedal machine there. At top and below is a type of backwards rickshaw with the name Indonesia, brightly painted in many colors.


Not quite standard, it seats the driver in back.


I talked to Dylan Gadberry, above, he says the trikes are manufactured in San Diego and other spots down south and modified by Roseville Pedicabs into whatever function the customer wants, including passenger transport, food sale pedicabs, food delivery, or bar bikes, among others.



Their web site stresses the advertising potential with pleasant memories associated with their client’s message. The cabs are pedal and electric so clean and quiet.


Very Cool Multi-bike ‘Kinetic Sculpture’ In Rear


They sell the frames, components and complete bikes surplus to their needs. Below is a very nice tandem bicycle-built-for-two at a good price.


Open Road Concord Tandem

And here’s a real garage rafter find, a new-old-stock Nishiki Rally ’10-speed’ commuter bike with all new original components, steel wheels, ‘hi-ten’ steel frame, ‘gum wall’ tires, original Vetta seat, even original foam bar covers, un-ridden since 1974 and a good deal at $165 obo.


So welcome Roseville Pedicabs, making drinking while pedaling safe, legal and fun in Roseville and the greater Sacramento area.

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