Build Your Feral Porch Cat a Shelter


It seldom freezes here but it gets cold and wet enough. I built this shelter for ‘my’ semi-feral porch cat Yellowboy. It’s a small dog airplane carrier I insulated by strapping on closed-cell camping pads.


The webbed door had been conveniently chewed open by good, but energetic, dog Oliver so I singed the edges with a lighter and cut and fitted more blue foam, attaching with safety pins.



I beefed up the floor with foam too and added an old towel for more padding and insulation.



I screwed it to house siding and fence rail with self-tapping drywall screws through thin plywood floor and fabric end wall.


If you live in a very cold climate check the web for videos and plans for appropriate shelters.


So far no yellow fur in the shelter but it’s still pretty warm here. Yellowboy likes to take the high ground and almost lives on the rocking chair so I’m confident he’ll use it when it gets cold enough.



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2 thoughts on “Build Your Feral Porch Cat a Shelter

  1. That’s kind of you, I wish more people were like you instead of the “it will be okay” attitude. Another cheap way of insulating is an auto windshield reflector, one of those cheap foam folding kind that has an aluminum reflector side. They’re about a buck at the dollar store. Cut one of those in two and use half underneath the bed reflecting body heat back up towards the cat, and the other half reflecting heat back down towards the body. It makes a surprising difference.

    • Carol
      Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. My yellow semi-feral cat turned into quite the lover boy but only toward me. He is affectionate and insists on long petting sessions. Since I’m separated and in quarantine alone he’s my sole mammal to mammal touch opportunity. I need him as much as he needs me in these times. Thanks for viewing.

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