Donald Trump’s Star Defaced


Image Courtesy CNN

Below was a comment I made on badtux (the snarky penguin) so I’m recycling it here. He points out how regrettable it is but I think it’s inevitable because Trump’s name and face and hateful views are everywhere, inescapable and a provocation to violence.

I think the real GOPers will want to deface more than his star if he flames out like Goldwater and takes the senate with him. They won’t like Hil’s black helicopter rides to seckret FEMA camps for ‘re-education’ and mandatory sex change operations.

Hard cheese, Republic party members, maybe next time you’ll nominate a candidate who could beat Mrs. Clinton-like just about anybody except the 16 clowns you coughed up. But probably not.

Business empires rise and fall just like buildings. His name covering the landscape is overdue to implode and crumble and his face and cartouche will be erased from the royal tombs. His face will never be seen again and his name will never again be spoken except as a bogyman to naughty children by mean uncles.

[11/14/2016-Post Trump victory: In the words of Ralph Wiggum “Ha, ha!”, delusional much? They say never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter and I did just that. Our pussy-grabbing, racist, short-fingered vulgarian, grifter, oligarch President-elect gets no slack with me.

I had no President under Obama and this degenerate is worse. Guess I shouldn’t try to predict with my distorting wishful thinking, but it’s clear he’ll quickly fail since good policy can’t come from a bad man with no values except money, and a staff of criminals (poor Christie), a supermodel, and Qusay & Uday .

But the 49% in America is pretty much like Trump in many ways (heh, I have to lie too sometimes but not every time I open my mouth), in fact I think Ralph Wiggum endorsed him. So I’m either delusional again or prescient this clown won’t last.]


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